Betty Crocker Cake Mix & A Can of Soda

Leavening agents are the MVP of many cakes and help them rise and become light and fluffy! But did you know that the fizzy, carbon dioxide gas bubbles in soda pop act like a leavening agent?
In the scientific method, you always start with a question. When baking with soda pop, you might ask: Will the cake take on the soda pop’s flavor? Does dark or light soda pop make a difference? Will a dark or light soda color affect the color of the cake?

After you have your question, you can head to our Learn page to study up and form your hypothesis — which just means, what do you think the answer to your question will be?

Betty Crocker Cake Mix & A Can of Soda – OMG😱 DON’T LOSE THIS😋

1 package cake mix, any flavor
1 can soda, any flavor

Combine the cake mix and soda in a bowl. Pour into prepared cake pans. You can use whichever cake pan you’d like.
Bake as directed on the cake mix box.
Try all of these fun flavor combinations.

Creamsicle Cake: White cake mix and Sunkist soda
Strawberry Shortcake: Strawberry cake mix and A&W root beer
Very Cherry Chip Cake: Cherry cake mix and Dr. Pepper Cherry
Zesty Lemon Cake: Lemon cake mix and Sprite
Purple Cow Cake: White cake mix and Grape Crush
Ginger Spice Cake: Spice cake mix and Schweppes ginger ale
Sinless Devil’s Food Cake: Devil’s Food cake mix and Diet Coke
Chocolate Root Beer Float: Chocolate cake mix and Barq’s root beer

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