Tips For Quick, Easy Weeknight Meals For Two, And 6 Recipes to Try

Effectively Shopping and Cooking For Two

Although cooking for two takes some effort to get just right, these five tips can help streamline the process:

Invest in Cookbooks For Two

One easy and effective strategy for two-person cooking is to establish a rotation of go-to recipes. Perhaps you invest in a few well-reviewed cookbooks that feature recipes for two, or follow blogs or social media accounts that focus on couples’ cooking. These can provide you with an arsenal of reliable meals that won’t require tinkering.

Learn Measurement Conversions

No matter how many excellent two-person recipes you amass, you’ll still encounter some that require a bit of math. Here’s where getting familiar with measurement conversions is a must. It’s smart to memorize factoids like how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon and how many cups are in a quart—or keep a conversion sheet handy somewhere in your kitchen.

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