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4. Knowing when an avocado is ready to eat

Picking avocados always feels like a huge guessing game. You never know whether it’s perfectly ripe on the inside, or rather too hard or too soft. Luckily, there is an easy way to find out whether an avocado is really ready to eat. Simply remove the ‘button’ at the top and look at the color. Is the avocado green at this point? Then you can open it! Is it brown? Then it’s likely to be past its prime. Is it hard to remove the button? Then the avocado is probably not ripe enough just yet.

5. Heating your frying pan

You may already know that it’s best to preheat a pan before adding oil or butter. But for how long exactly? Three minutes seems to be a good guideline. As a result, your food is usually cooked a bit more quickly.

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