The smart cooking tips that will make your life easier!

28. Saving soup when it’s too salty

Oops, accidentally poured in too much salt or stock? Don’t panic, just add an apple or a potato when you cook your soup. Cut a raw potato or apple into pieces and let it boil in the soup for 10 minutes. This will restore the balance of the flavors.

29. Baking fluffy cookies

Are you struggling to make cookies that are as crunchy and fluffy as those from the bakery (or grocery store)? From now on, add a little pinch of milk powder to the cookie dough and you’ll notice how much of a difference this makes.

30. Make waffles with potatoes

Using a waffle iron to prepare potatoes? It’s possible! Grate your potatoes, add pepper, salt, and herbs, mix into a batter and bake for around 20 minutes in a greased waffle iron. This makes for beautiful potato waffles. Also great with an egg or an avocado on top.

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