44 Healthy Low-Carb Foods That Taste Incredible

Eating fewer carbs can have impressive health benefits.

It has been shown to significantly reduce hunger levels, which tends to lead to automatic weight loss, without the need for calorie counting (12).

At least 23 studies have found that low-carb diets can cause up to 2–3 times more weight loss than low-fat diets (34).

Decreasing your carb intake can also have numerous other health benefits, such as reducing your blood sugar, blood pressure and triglycerides or improving your “good” HDL cholesterol (5678910).

Plus, eating low-carb doesn’t have to be complicated.

Simply base your diet around real foods that are low in carbs to lose weight and improve your health.

Here are 44 low-carb foods, most of which are healthy, nutritious and incredibly delicious.

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