13 Healthier Alternatives To Your Favorite Junk Foods

4. Candy

Lollipops candies and sweet sugar jelly multicolored, Colorful sweets Top view and Close up background

If you’re ever craving something sweet, grab some fruit, which has lots of natural sugars that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Try frozen grapes, which will last you weeks. Once you run out, go for a frozen watermelon on a stick, which won’t drip all over your hands and cause a sticky mess.

5. Pizza

Delivery pizza is the ultimate college student comfort food, but there are also lots of undiscovered healthy pizza recipes that are just as cheap and easy to make. Make pizza bites with zucchini, mini pizzas with eggplant or mushrooms, or make your pizza out of cauliflower crust to add veggies to your diet and reduce your carb intake.

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