12 Foods That Will Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

Millions of people have high and dangerous levels of cholesterol in their bodies and more than a third of them are at risk of suffering heart disease.  As it stands, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world today and because of this fact, it’s definitely worth finding out ways in which you could lower your risk of the disease so that you get to live longer.

elow are 12 foods you should eat so that you lower your cholesterol levels:

1.Oily fish

If you’re one of those people who isn’t particularly a big fan of fish realize that it is in your best interest to change that since fish has a lot of benefits that promote your overall health. Swapping your regular meat for oily fish such as salmon around two to three times a week gives your body that Omega-3 boost that is necessary for your cholesterol levels to be reduced. Omega-3 protects your heart from any abnormal rhythms while at the same time it reduces the triglycerides that are found in your bloodstream too. Sardines, tuna, salmon and anchovy are other alternatives to salmon.

2. Eggplant

Eggplant is a vegetable that you probably look at sideways when you find yourself in a grocery store because not too many people know what to do with eggplant. However, once you discover the many things you could do with eggplant, you will be a fan as it could easily and quickly turn into your favorite vegetable. You can roast the eggplant and then use the inside part of it to make a tasty spaghetti sauce. Alternatively, you could fry them lightly but in healthy oils. Eggplant is great for your body and eating it will significantly lower your levels of cholesterol. It’s a great substitute for meat.

3. Soybeans

If you’re looking to lower the level of bad cholesterol in your body then you will find soybeans helpful. You don’t necessarily have to eat them as they are, but you can eat an alternative like soymilk and tofu. You just need about 25grams of soy milk or tofu every day and rest assured that this will go a long way in lowering your bad cholesterol level by about 6%. Seeing that a lot of people are choosing to go the vegan way, lots of companies are coming up with more soybean products.  They can be found in plenty and at affordable rates.

4. Fruit

It is recommended that for proper health, you eat fruit, about 400 grams every day so that you get all the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs from them. Did you know that fruit aside from having crucial nutritional value also helps in filling you up and satisfying your hunger as well as quenching your thirst? Eating apples and citrus fruits also gives you pectin which is a soluble fiber. Pectin helps in lowering cholesterol.

5. Oatmeal

Including oatmeal in your diet is a great way to get started on your journey to better health. Every morning when you get up, eat at least a bowl of oatmeal accompanied by some fruit. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and because of that, you need to eat something that will satisfy your morning hunger such as oatmeal. It has soluble fiber that can also positively affect your cholesterol levels. It lowers bad cholesterol.

6. Nuts

Nuts are also great for your health and because of that, you should eat them as part of your everyday diet. They’re good for you just as long as they’re not covered in chocolate. Adding walnuts, peanuts, and almonds to your diet will significantly help you when you finally make that decision to improve your health. These nuts make for a great snack that will help you curb those unwanted cravings. They also help in lowering your cholesterol levels. Nuts will reduce bad cholesterol by 5%.

7. Beans

Sometimes, you eat food, finish it but still feel hungry and because of this, you end up overeating. This is the worst thing for your waistline as it will keep growing. However, you can prevent this while still satisfying that hunger you feel. It’s as simple as grabbing some beans. There are different bean varieties you could reach for, for example kidney beans and lentils. They lower the bad cholesterol in your body. They also have soluble fiber which your body always needs.

8. Avocado

Seemingly, eating smashed avocado on toast is the in thing. It’s not just a trend but is also a healthy one that will help reduce your bad cholesterol by up to 22%. The potassium in avocado will keep your heart healthy. Through eating avocado, you also get monosaturated fats. Avocado is a great disease-fighting fruit that makes for a great snack.

9. Whole grains

Instead of filling up your plate with refined grains, how about using the grains in their natural form? Eating whole grains goes a long way in lowering your cholesterol levels and promotes great heart health while significantly reducing the risk of a heart attack. Whole grains are not only delicious and nutritious but are also very affordable. Just a bag of oats prepared properly will make a good breakfast or a healthy snack. So go ahead and stock up some oats and barley and make it a point to dig into them for that extra goodness.

10. Dark chocolate

A lot of guilt sometimes comes with eating chocolate but you don’t need to feel that way especially if you’re eating dark chocolate. It actually helps in lowering your cholesterol levels.  However, before you start to indulge, understand that often times, chocolate is packed with plenty of sugar that could counter the benefits of this same dark chocolate. Make sure you stick to 75% to 85% of cocoa as this will reduce the bad cholesterol by about 6.5mg/dl.

11. Vegetable oils

Oil is sometimes confusing especially because every manufacturer out there will claim that their brand is the healthiest.  However, if you normally go for butter, shortening, lard or margarine in your cooking, then you might want to change that up and go for something that will reduce your LDL. Instead of those, use sunflower oil, olive oil, or canola. Using liquid oil is of more benefit to you in terms of keeping your cholesterol levels in check compared to butter or lard. The best thing is that they do not alter the flavor. When baking you can go for coconut oil or ghee.

12. Tea

Tea is not exactly food but it still counts. It works better than most other foods when it comes to keeping your cholesterol levels in check. Aside from just lowering your cholesterol levels, there are many other benefits to drinking tea. It keeps your blood pressure as healthy as it should be, reduces inflammation and improves your cardiometabolic health. So go ahead and buy yourself those tea leaves and tea bags so that you get to reap the many benefits of tea.

Today, the rising number of people who lose their lives because of heart diseases with each passing year is alarming. The statistics have led to heart disease being declared the leading killer in the world and because of that, the most natural thing to do is to reduce your chances of becoming a statistic. Trying out the foods above goes a long way in helping you avoid it altogether as the foods lower your levels of bad cholesterol.

Source: zenlifemag.com

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