Pork And Mushroom Rice Bake

If you took a garlicky, buttery mushroom-laden rice pilaf, mixed it with some savory pork, and baked it until there was a perfect mixture of crispy edges and fluffy grains of rice, this is what you’d get. And the getting is good. This simple bake is a meal in and of itself, it takes no pre-cooking or searing, and it is irresistibly flavorful. (In other words, it’s a dream come true in a casserole dish.)

The magic here is in the layering. The white rice is mixed with broth and water before it hunkers down in a baking dish, and then a layer of pork and sliced mushrooms (that have been tossed in garlic and butter and all things delicious) gets spread over the top. The pork and mushroom mixture provides a kind of blanket – a lid if you will -to the rice, and as it cooks all of the flavor from the pork and the buttery mushrooms soaks down into the rice grains below. The rice comes out fluffy and flavorful, but the edges still crisp up so nicely.


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