Cream of Cauliflower Soup

We’ve all had that cream of “insert the blank” soup that comes in a can. And while that stuff is a handy shortcut for many recipes, it’s sometimes a little too goopy and gelatinous for our taste. This dream of a cauliflower soup is anything but. It’s velvety and creamy and as comforting as can be. And we don’t think we’ve ever seen it in a little red and white can.

You start by sauteeing some onion, potatoes, and carrots, before adding the cauliflower and stock and letting it all simmer until tender. We like adding potatoes because of the texture they give the soup, and they make it a little more hearty, but if you’re watching your carb count or like a thinner soup, they can certainly be left out. Carrots add a nice bit of color and a little hint of sweetness.


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