*Note- this recipe is by far the most popular on my blog so as of 11/11/16 I’m updating the photos a bit. The recipe hasn’t changed- it’s still perfect! I will say that I’ve made it with whole wheat pastry flour with wonderful results, as well as with half or all coconut sugar replacing the white and brown. Mini chocolate chips are a wonderful addition (I did a cup,) and you can bake this in an 8×8 square pan if you want to make more of a snack cake. (I’d just bake it for about 20-25 minutes instead!) Thanks for loving this as much as I do!I wasn’t going to share this recipe. Even though I have honest to goodness baked no less than 6 loaves of this in the last 3 weeks, it just didn’t seem blog-worthy. Not because it isn’t fabulous (it truly is,) but because it just seemed a little too boring and I honestly didn’t think anyone needs another banana bread recipe.
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