Be a whiz in the kitchen when you copy these 12 awesome food hacks

You love to cook and eat amazing meals, but you simply don’t have enough time in your day. These easy cooking hacks will save you time in the kitchen and keep the money in your pocket. No need to rush out and buy expensive kitchen items with these ideas.
These ideas are all designed to help you get a meal on the table as quickly and easily as possible. From breakfast to dinner, there’s a creative way to fix all your favorites.
1. Achieve perfectly round eggs (h/t Pinching Your Pennies) Perfectly round eggs are lovely on egg sandwiches and other egg dishes. You don’t need to rush out and try to find silicone egg molds or a specialized pan. All you need are a handful of canning rings. They work perfectly!

2. Freeze bacon the right way (h/t eHow)If you only use a few pieces of bacon at a time, this tip will save you lots of time and money. You can freeze bacon to use later, but often you have to thaw the entire package to use only a couple of pieces. Layering the bacon between pieces of parchment or wax paper allows you to use just as many pieces as you need. Genius!

3. Keep peppers standing (h/t Better Recipes) 
Stuffed bell peppers can be a mess if they tip over. Try out this handy cooking hack and use a muffin tin to keep your peppers standing tall. It’s like having an extra pair of hands while you are stuffing them, plus it helps them to bake evenly.

4. Shred chicken with ease (h/t Two Twenty One)Shredding chicken requires getting your hands dirty or fiddling with forks while trying to pull it apart. All you need to do is throw it in your mixer for a quick shred. It couldn’t be any easier!

5. Microwave corn for easy husking (h/t Simply Recipes) Removing the silks from an ear of corn seems to take forever. Then you have to boil the water and cook the corn. Did you know that you can cut your cooking time and husking time drastically by using the microwave? Place the unhusked corn in the microwave and cook for four minutes. Remove and cut the stem end off the corn. It will slide out of the husk without the silks!

6. Save herbs for later (h/t The Frugal Girls) Don’t throw away those leftover fresh herbs! Save them by drying them yourself. Microwave them for a minute, stir, and microwave again if needed. Then place in an airtight container. No more waste!

7. Grate cheese faster (h/t Simply Shellie) Grating cheese by hand is a tiresome chore. Cleaning the grater is even worse. You can keep cheese from sticking to your grater by giving it a quick spray on both sides with cooking spray. The cheese will glide over the surface without sticking.

8. Reheat leftovers quickly (h/t The Kitchn) In a rush to get lunch on? Reheating leftovers can seem to take forever, even with the help of a microwave. Heat, stop, stir, heat, stop, stir….and keep repeating. Eliminate this and speed up the process by creating an opening at the middle of your dish. This will allow the leftovers to heat evenly.

9. Use all of your ingredients (h/t The Krazy Coupon Lady) Sticky ingredients, such as honey, peanut butter, or maple syrup, make a mess when measuring. They cling to the measuring spoon or cup and you are never really sure if you got enough in the dish. A quick spray with cooking spray allows the stickiest of ingredients to slide right out.

10. Keep the spoon ready (h/t She Tried What)It’s an age old dilemma – where to put the spoon while you are cooking? You hate to make a mess, don’t want to waste a paper towel, and don’t want to wash a spoon rest or plate. The hole in the handle of your pot or pan was made to hold your spoon! No more wondering!

11. Hull strawberries with a straw (h/t One Good Thing)
Quickly hull those strawberries by pushing a plastic straw through the middle. The white portion will be removed and the cap will come right off the top. No more wasting their sweet goodness by trying to use a paring knife.

12. Cut steak fries with an apple slicer (h/t Wink Chic)Speed up your potato cooking process by using an apple corer to quickly slice your potatoes. They are instantly cut into the perfect shape for steak fries. You can also use this method to quickly get them boiling for mashed potatoes. The long thin pieces cook quickly so you get to mashing faster.

These amazing tips will reduce waste, save money, and help you get meals on the table faster. Share how you do it with your friends and family on Facebook!

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